Saturday, October 31, 2009

A quick summary

Where should I start? From the beginning I suppose.
It has been almost two months I have left the UAE to travel around, see and do things I always wanted to do. It was one of the biggest steps of my life and I have to say it, so far.. I am enjoying it! No regrets!

I left on the 5th of September towards Europe. I landed in Frankfurt, Germany to see a friend. It was funny to feel the sudden temperature difference: When I left in the morning it was 45C degrees, when I landed it was 15C !
I spent 2 days in Aachen (Aix-La-Chapelle) with my friend but.. let's say some unexpected circumstances made me leave town much sooner than I planned (A pity, I really enjoyed that town, I'll write a full articles about it later).
After Aachen I headed to Cologne, to meet another close friend of mine I have encountered in Iceland last year. There, chatting with her and her roommate, a door opened to me: Do the Camino de Santiago another time (I've done it once in May).

The funny thing is that, when yo have no more routine, no specific plans and in "travel mode", you just jump on the first opportunity that pops. The Camino again? Why not! I needed to take more pictures of it anyway.
So for the next month, I've walked about 900km from France to the furthest tip in Spain, taking photos, enjoying the beautiful weather, meeting amazing people.. It was a different experience but a much needed one too!

I reached Finisterra in a relaxed and peaceful state. My only solution was to go back again (or swim across the Ocean?). I headed back to France, in Reims then in Meaux then in Paris for a few days "chillaxing". I felt I was carrying the Sun with me all the time as I had beautiful warm weather everywhere I have been going!

Now, after a quick chat on Facebook with some friends to choose my next destination, I am in Spain again, Barcelona.

I really like this city! So much to do, so much to see. So many details around the corner of each street and a beautiful atmosphere. It's my 3rd day now and we have a few plans for the next days, a Halloween party, visit a monastery and just chilling around in town.

Wonder where to go next? I am hesitating to take a cheap plane to Stockholm... All I know is that I am planning to leave Europe in November.. It's pretty expensive to be here and as I don't have any job and income for now, i'd rather travel in a different continent, cheaper, and culturally different... Life's tough isn't it? Hehe.

In any case, My reality is My choice... We are masters of our own life.

You decide!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some updates from the end of the (european) world!

I know I have been silent for so long! But I am still traveling around the Camino and almost reaching the "end of the world" (Finisterra)... I will post big updates with many many photos as soon as I find a place to put down my backpack, find a good connection and have all the time to write all I need to say.

So far, my trip is perfect, amazing, liberating and rich.. It will continue going crescendo I know it!

Cheers to all and see you very soon!