Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The last days in the UAE

My adventure started.

I was so overwhelmed and busy the last few days that i did not have any time to update anything.
I took the decision to leave in June, after coming back from the Camino. Since then, I procrastinated too much and left everything pending for August. The last few weeks of August were a complete rush. I had to settle all the issues concerning my travels. I wasn’t going on a holiday, I was leaving the country for good.

The main issue was packing up my room. I had to put away all the stuff I had (and boy do I have a lot of junk), the books, the photography equipments, magazines and everything accumulated throughout the years. Eventually, I ended packing up on my last night. Close call!

The whole process of “leaving” was quite easy, without any obstacles that made my decision difficult to handle. I am a firm believer of signs all around that guide the way (I have experienced very strong ones) and this time, nothing was blocking my path. I guess it meant that I WAS on the right path for once.

I also felt a kind of Peace inside for a long while, not regretting my decision ever. Yes I still had some doubts from time to time, and I did get nervous as the days grew closer, but I remained confident, excited and happy.

The last week was also quite intense thanks to all my friends and the people I love around me. I had to meet everyone, last drinks, last dinners. Since my birthday I have been so spoiled by my friends that I am eternally grateful to all. It is sad to leave everyone behind and go alone. I spent an amazing 2 years with all of them, camping, partying, traveling, or simply chatting around a cup of tea.
But, I guess the world is so small nowadays, meeting up or staying in contact is quite easy. It’s just a “farewell, see you soon”.

And now, sitting in a café in Aachen - Germany. I have started a new life. I am a bit clueless, I have no plans and the ones I had made for the first few weeks have already changed. I just have to let go with the flow, I know I am being guided towards something beautiful.

Friends, Family, everyone.. I miss you and love you all!